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I would describe myself as a boutique jewellery design house. I love to combine modern design and contemporary art, being my two passions.


My primary design principle is minimilistic and clean which blends the unexpected with elegance, conveying my personal sense of harmony and peace. 

Being of Persian origin and loving its rich culture and history, I feed my inspiration by combining my heritage and modernity of the international and multicultural surroundings I have lived in. 


I gain inspiration by surrounding myself with art, fashion and cultural diversity, whether I am strolling through a bazaar or souk or watching the hip kids of London and NYC.

My clients usually want something different; they have their own sense of style which they wish to express. Through my designs I strive to achieve this by understanding my patrons desires.


I love for my designs to make people happy. It is a tremendous satisfaction and great honour to see my creations worn. 

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